Robert Schwartz

Robert Schwartz (1947-2000) was a San Francisco-based artist celebrated for his singular vision and technical virtuosity. He is best known for an extensive series of exquisitely painted miniatures, in gouache and in oil. Writing for artnet, Donald Kuspit called these miniatures “postmodern narratives...for connoisseurs” in which “everything exists in the full light of consciousness.” But in his drive to probe the heart of the matter Schwartz pursued the mastery of multiple techniques. This enabled him to exhibit work in a prodigious suite of media and formats and to leave behind a legacy that is as diverse as it is thought provoking and profound.

The Hackett|Mill Gallery, in San Francisco, currently represents Schwartz's work.

Dream Games: The Art of Robert Schwartz, by Susan Landauer and Barry Schwabsky, was published in connection with an exhibition of the same name at the San Jose Museum of Art. It contains more than 100 illustrations and is available through as well as other online booksellers.

Eighteenth Century Accentric Furniture, Schwartz's book of line drawings of fantastic imagined furniture accompanied by his parodic text, is available from Bell'occhio.

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